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Beer Tasting Volunteer

Set Up/Take Down

Day of set up begins around 12pm with immediate take down at end of event.  Includes table set up, canopies, entrance space, signs, and more!

Entrance Table

Two or more volunteers are needed to manage the entrance.  Includes selling raffles and glasses, and possibly checking id's.

ID Checker

This job would be most efficient with two people!! Maintaining the permit requirements and integrity of the event is VERY important.

Beer Pourer

Need we say more?

Planning Committee

This event is put on by a sub committee to the Kindred Days Committee.  We love extra opinions, help, ideas, connections - the more the merrier!  Includes meetings, soliciting donations, brewers contacts, and more!  

Get in Touch to Volunteer!

Tahnee Ruud

701-658-9223 call or text!

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